Australia’s #1 High Performance Ice Pack for Export & Domestic Transit

Date Posted:23 June 2017 


Highgate’s Thermoshield Ice Pack – A reliable transit chill system.

A reliable Transit Chill System is a necessity for all Processors of Fish, Meat & Produce products. Keeping perishable food products consistently cool is extremely important to maintain freshness & avoid growth of Pathogens. Whether the desired pack temperature is 0 degrees C or 4 degrees C, Thermoshield Gel Ice Packs will maintain the temperature if packed in an insulated shipper carton or poly box.

The challenges with Mechanical Refrigeration vary from break-downs, inconsistencies with ambient temperatures and transfer delays from one vehicle refrigeration unit to another, Thermoshield Ice Packs provide extra protection and peace of mind, ensuring no loss of product at the consumers end and eliminates possibilities of batch recalls. Thermoshield Gel Ice packs are used every day by many food processors across Australia keeping food fresh for days during transit interstate and overseas. Gel Ice Packs are mainly used with fresh fish, meat & produce products for local & export shipments, keeping Australia’s produce at its pristine condition.

Benefits of using the Thermoshield Gel Ice Packs:


  • High Performance – long lasting chill maintenance
  • Slimline – allows you to fit more product in your carton (freight benefits)
  • No labour – pre-filled pack, simply place cartons in freezer and use
  • Puncture Resistant – special film provides maximum protection
  • Custom Sizes available
  • Re-usable & Durable
  • Food safe – non-toxic, food contact product
  • Made in Australia

Ice Pack – An Economical Replacement System

Thermoshield is an economical replacement for wet ice, dry ice and the conventional gel packs. Significant cost savings have been achieved with the Thermoshield Gel Ice packs, as no preparation labour is required – these ice packs do not need to be dipped in water, they come sealed and flat packed, inside a vented carton, ready to be frozen! Sealed in Puncture Resistant film packages, Thermoshield Ice Packs are Reusable and tough for long haul transit. They can withstand significant pressures even when thawed (pressure tested over 100kgs). The formulated Gel is Food Safe and Nontoxic, and stays frozen longer and colder in comparison to frozen water or wet ice. Thermoshield is used for logistics of fresh foods, lab samples, vaccines, fish, seafood, meat, fruit, flowers, chocolate, beverages etc.

How to find us?

If you are looking for a cost-effective gel ice pack, Thermoshield Products will have the ideal solution to suit your requirements. Thermoshield Ice Packs are manufactured in Australia, and has the capability to design & custom make Flexible Ice Packs and Ice Blankets to protect your products & brand.

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